Durban would be the ideal place to get one day crowns

Durban would be the ideal place to get one day crowns

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The fitting of the CEREC one day crowns is easily handled by a cosmetic dentist. No dentist is allowed to operate the CEREC system without having done the course first. This gives patients the most ease that they are in good hands. One day crowns will alter the look of the tooth and patients would want to ensure that they are in the best of hands. An option for those who live in Durban would be to see a dentist who is a part of the Family Dental care network of branches. Durban would be the ideal place to get one day crowns. The cost of living is lower here than most other parts of South Africa and indeed the world. One day crowns, being a dental treatment, would be one such example. This is vital, seeing as one day crowns are paid out of pocket and not from health plans due to their being a cosmetic procedure.


You would consider getting a dental crown if you have decayed, uneven, stained or cracked teeth. A cracked tooth means having a crack across the tooth. If this crack goes deep beneath the gum line then it will have to be extracted. One day crowns can be attached to an implant, though this is a month’s long process which does involve a minor surgical procedure. If the crack is not too deep then the tooth can be saved. It will be filled out with a dental filling. To ensure that this crack remains above the gum line, a crown can be attached to offer a good layer of protection. Of course the sooner this is done, the better for the tooth which is why one day crowns offer the best solution as they can be attached immediately with no wait time needed. One day crowns offer a onetime solution to dull and stained teeth. Instead of going through multiple whitening sessions, a crown just needs to be attached in a shade of your liking.

It will keep, as the porcelain used in dental crowns remain the same colour throughout their lifespan. One day crowns will fix up crooked or gapped teeth right away saving patients the cost and time of going through years of orthodontic treatments. This is because they can be shaped to give the teeth a straighter look. Teeth with gaps or crookedness will instantly appear perfect. Teeth that have become infected with the bacteria from plaque is the biggest reason for crowns. This bacteria eats its way into the tooth, destroying the tooth as it makes its way through. This then renders this part of the tooth useless. In addition, it will continue to infect the rest of the tooth unless removed. This leaves a person with a huge part of the tooth gone. One day crowns offers an instant solution to this. Instead of waiting weeks for a laboratory to make a crown, a dentist with the CEREC system can design and make the crown in a single sitting session. The patient will leave an hour later with a full new tooth and no down time needed whatsoever.


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