Nurse call systems can now be installed in the home environment within a couple of hours

Nurse call systems can now be installed in the home environment within a couple of hours

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Nurse call systems can now be installed in the home environment within a couple of hours. It is no longer the case of having an elaborate system which digs into the layout of the house and has those cords hanging about untidily. It does not have to be a day’s long process which will interfere with your daily life. The invention of wireless nurse call systems means that all of that is in the past. Nowadays, you will order your nurse call systems online or over the phone and you will be set up as soon as possible. You do not have to go in blind, as help will be given as to which devices best will suit your needs. So what devices can one add to nurse call systems in their home? The system is divided into 2 functions.


The first are the transmission devices which are to be used by those who are in medical recovery or the elderly. Being wireless, this means that the patient gets a device which they will carry. The range of use is therefore much lengthier than the wired nurse call systems. Patients can carry their button in their pockets or have it attached to a lanyard. The call button has been designed to offer basic and fast help. There is no need for training to be able to use them and they can be used by children or the elderly. For those recovering from accidents, the wireless nurse call systems means having a button which can be placed right next to the hand or over the neck so no added effort is needed when help is needed. This is critical to the recovery process. You do not want to get an injury from having to reach to a call button. Nurse call systems are indeed handier than even this. Even in a smaller house setting, the patient does not have to scream or physically gesture for help. The second function of nurse call systems is the receiver devices.

These are the devices which the caregiver will carry around or have access to. More likely in home settings, the monitor devices will not be used. These are used as part of nurse call systems in hospitals, where the nurse would need to know which patient to go to. In the home environment, there is only one charge to look to. In the event of an added patient, then this will be adjusted as per the order and installation. For home use of nurse call systems, caregivers will get the wrist watch device. Once the patient presses their button, then the signal will be sent to the wrist watch. It gives of an alert and the caregiver can then go and offer assistance to the patient. The wonderful thing about the system is that the caregiver now has the freedom to continue with other tasks around the home and not have to continually check in on the patient. It gives the patient the privacy of not being checked up on unscheduled and also for the caregiver to go about their lives as normal as possible.


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