5 step remedy for sun blisters on lips 

After lengthy fall and winter seasons, spring and summer bring out people in hoards to take in the crispy fresh air and the sun. Summers are a period of lazy afternoons relaxing in the sun or getting up early going fishing or hitting the beach on weekends. Along with the beaches and the sunbathing, also come the blisters on the lips. This could be a result of over exposure to the sun or your skin being too sensitive. Either way the blisters are uncomfortable and not very pleasing to look at. You can tell a blister with your tongue as it detects the swelling that is not visible as yet. This is the best time to nip it in the bud. Here are a few tips to cure your Sun blisters on lips:

  1. Do not do anything! Yes, that's the first tip. Most blisters will go away on their own, or in other words, your body fights it out without your help. Decrease the amount of exposure to the sun for a few days and keep the lips dry.
  2. Keep the blisters clean: a clean set of lips will help the healing process. You should apply an antiseptic on the lips every few hours. However, do not use petroleum based products or products that contain benzocaine or lidocaine.
  3. Controlling the Pain: severe blisters can be very painful. If there is swelling, take aspirin which will decrease the pain and ease the swelling. Try not to use alcohol based products because they will cause more irritation after use, instead, use water based cooling gels.
  4. Prescription drugs: antibiotics should be used only in extreme cases of blisters that have become heavily infected. If the color of the blister changes or it has become painful use Polumixin or Bacitracin
  5. Pop it: popping a blister should be done in only extreme conditions when the swelling is massive. A sterilized needle with a gentle prick should do the trick. After draining, do not peel off any skin off of the lip. If you peel it off, there is a chance of it getting infected.
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